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Many types of materials have been used for plumbing pipes over the years. Repiping a home may be necessary based on the type of pipe currently in place. If you’re concerned about the type of piping material used in your home, our technicians will come by and examine your plumbing system to determine the type of piping in place and if you need repiping services.

Lead and galvanized pipe
Two types of plumbing pipe commonly found in older homes are lead and galvanized metal. One issue with galvanized pipes is rusting and discolored water. Lead and galvanized pipes typically have a lifespan of 50 to 75 years. However, these types of piping are dangerous because they are prone to rust. It’s common among homeowners to replace them with newer materials.

Copper pipes
The most common piping material used in homes is copper. Copper does not typically need to be replaced unless is has not been adequately maintained. One of the worst elements for copper piping is hard water. The minerals and metals contained in hard water can lead to blockages and possibly burst pipes. Calcium is another harsh mineral found in hard water that can build up in your pipes over time. If the calcium deposits are not removed or treated, then you may need repiping done to repair your system.


The newest piping material used in both homes and commercial buildings is PEX. PEX pipes are durable, strong, and resistant to freezing. This means there will be little chance of pipes bursting. The material can be easily connected to existing plumbing in your home or business, so appliances will not need to be replaced during repiping.


Degeneration of pipes is the most common reason for repiping. You can tell that your pipes are in bad shape if they are leaking, your water looks rusty or has dark flakes appearing in them, or you experience problems with your water flow (due to calcium deposits).

If you suspect a problem with the plumbing in your home, we can help. Our technicians will replace your old pipes with newer, more durable materials for a smooth-working plumbing system.

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