Contractor Facing Custom Master Bathroom

Due to COVID-19, many families have been spending more time in their homes than they normally would and with many summer vacations and plans cancelled, now is the time to make the desired updates and remodels to your space. When taking on a kitchen or bathroom remodel, it can be hard to know where to […]

plumbing tools

While your home’s cleanliness and family’s health should be a top priority all year round, it is especially important now with the recent spread of the Coronavirus pandemic. It is recommended that households stay home when able to and distance themselves from social interactions. Many non-essential businesses have shut down, but at Schuler Service we […]

Food Waste Disposer and Kitchen Sink

Since the invention of the garbage disposal, many households rely on the appliance to dispose of food scraps, create less trash, and reduce kitchen odor. However, shredding the wrong materials in the disposal can be harmful, lead to clogs, or even result in a broken appliance. Below, read 8 materials to avoid putting down the […]

modern kitchen flooded with water

Well, it happened. Your worst nightmare as a homeowner became a reality this winter and you were dealt the damages of a burst pipe and mess to clean up. You may not have read our blog on 5 Tips to Prevent Frozen Pipes this Winter and now your kitchen more closely resembles a swimming pool, […]

When building or remodeling a home, there are a lot of choices to consider. One of the biggest and most important decisions to make is what heating system you will install that will effectively and efficiently keep you warm during the cold winter months. Hydronic & Electric Radiant Floor Heating is becoming more popular in […]