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Schuler Service is proud to provide top plumbing services in Emmaus, PA! Call us today at (484) 263-0486 for immediate assistance. Be sure to take a look at our online specials and discounts!

Count on the Master Plumbers at Schuler Service for all of your plumbing needs in Emmaus, PA. Take a look at our client reviews to see what your neighbors are saying about our work!

Schuler Service has been perfecting the art of plumbing since 1923. Our industry has continued to change since then, with new standards and more advanced technology to help your home stay safe. But one thing has remained constant: our dedication to providing the best plumbing solutions for your home and business.


During a routine maintenance inspection, our technicians will quickly identify issues that can lead to problems in the near future, such as trees that need to be removed (to keep roots from invading your pipes) or sewer lines that are starting to smell from backup. Below are some of the more common plumbing problems we handle.

Leaking faucets

A fitting that has become loose or a faucet that needs to be replaced are often caused by leaks. Our technicians will help you replace your faucet as well as recommend the models we think will go well with your sink unit.

Clogged drains

If your sink or bathtub is taking forever to drain, don’t try to remove the clog on your own! Store-bought drain cleaners are often harmful for your drains and cause them to deteriorate faster. Call a plumbing technician for help. We’ll use the right tools to fix your clogged drain and make sure your plumbing system stays healthy.

Sewer main backup

Tree roots often get into your main sewer lines, causing debris to build up in your pipes. It can be difficult to locate the exact point of damage in your sewer line, and often you will need to enlist in professional sewer line repair services.

Burst pipes

When temperatures dip below freezing, your home’s pipes are often the first to feel the cold. When pipes freeze, the water inside builds pressure and causes the pipes to expand. This expansion then causes the pipes to burst. Burst pipes can be difficult to locate, but if you notice low water pressure, leaking, or a spike in your water bill, it may signal a burst pipe pipe and will require immediate professional attention.

Our Plumbing Promise

At Schuler Service, we strive to reflect quality, dedication, and unparalleled skill in every job we handle. We provide repairs and installations on every plumbing and heating issue while advising our clients on best maintenance practices to keep their home running efficiently.

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