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Lehigh Valley


Have a tough plumbing problem? Call Schuler Service at (484) 263-0486 for 24/7 assistance in Lehigh Valley, PA. Be sure to take a look at our online specials and discounts!

Make sure you have a reliable plumber in your network to attend to any emergencies. Our team at Schuler Service is ready to help you with every type of plumbing problem, from clogged drains to leaking water heaters to sump pump failures. Take a look at our client reviews to see why your neighbors in Lehigh Valley love recommending our services!


Clogged toilets repairs: Most people instinctively reach for a plunger when they experience a clogged toilet. However, a plunger can actually exacerbate the problem and push the clog further into your drain system. To effectively clear clogged toilets, our technicians will use a plumber’s snake to hook onto the clog and bring it up, while at the same time tearing it apart as it makes its way up the drain.

Drain cleaning: Like clogged toilets, clogged drains are also solved with professional drain snaking. If we determine that the clog is deep within your drain system and is caused by heavier debris such as tree roots and built up sediment, we will recommend a hydrojet cleaning.

Faucet, fixture, and sink repairs: Dripping faucets are generally regarded as inconveniences and easily ignored, until the water bill indicates that you have been wasting several hundred gallons of water per day from the dripping faucet alone. Replacing the faucet washer is often the solution to stopping a drip. If the washer is not the problem, our technicians will examine your faucet to find the source of the leak and perform the proper repair.

Water leak detection: Leaking pipes can cause damage beyond the area of the leak and affect your walls, flooring, and furnishings. If you suspect a pipe leak (unexpected jump in your water bill, low water pressure), but are unsure of the location, contact our technicians for help. We will trace the source of the leak and perform the necessary repairs to make sure you are protected from future leak problems.

Water heater repair: A leaking water heater is another common plumbing problem that results in a double whammy, with increased water and gas/electrical bills. If your water heater is leaking, it means the tank is never full; as a result, your unit is working extra hard to fill the tank. The best solution to a leaking water heater is a complete unit replacement. Our technicians will recommend the ideal unit for your home or building and install it for you, making sure it is mounted according to code.

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