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Aging in Place


The types of conversions we provide will improve overall mobility. Our objective is to make your everyday environment safer and more comfortable for more people. Those who benefit from our conversions will be able to maintain their independence, which is very rewarding.

For house-wide conversions, we will refit every room with more user-friendly additions. For example, we will install special hinges that will swing doors 180 degrees, offering more room for those with walkers or wheelchairs. Or you can choose to widen the doorways themselves—we will work with your preferences.

Bathroom modifications will provide easier access to bath tubs and showers. We will install bars to make it more convenient to get in and out of the shower. If you have a bath tub, we can add seats so the individual will not have to sit on the floor of the tub. We will also provide bath tub to shower conversions upon request.

Other conversions include lowering countertops in the kitchen and ensuring that water temperatures do not exceed past a certain point. Our technicians will also help with all plumbing and electrical updates affected by the conversions.

Aging-in-Place are usually sought after when there is a direct need for it, but it would also be wise to consider this service even if it isn’t needed at the moment. Accidents can happen at any time, especially in an active or aging household. We’ll be happy to implement Aging-in-Place that act as a safeguard in case of an accident. There are many changes that can make your home more accommodating, and we’ll help you determine the ideal modifications.