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Limited-Time Plumbing Safety Checklist Offer


Routine maintenance throughout your home is extremely important, especially when during the cold winter months. Colder temperatures affect plumbing systems in a variety of ways, which is why it’s a good idea to adhere to regular maintenance when it comes to your home’s plumbing system. Catching a plumbing problem in its early stages, whether it be weak spots, pin-hole or minor leaks, improper insulation, or other concerns, will help reduce possible damage and larger problems in the future.

At Schuler Service, we recognize the importance of timely and properly performed maintenance, and we are dedicated to giving our customers every advantage we can when it comes to caring for your plumbing system. That’s why we’re proud to announce a limited time “7-Point Plumbing Safety Checklist” offer. As part of this checklist, the expertly-trained technicians at Schuler Service will perform a comprehensive inspection on up to seven of the most important aspects of your home plumbing.

This detailed plumbing system inspection service can be purchased for just $129.
When you purchase this exclusive 7-Point Plumbing Safety Checklist service, you will receive detailed inspections on the following elements of your plumbing system:
  • Water Pressure: The pressure of your water is essential to many of your household’s everyday tasks. As part of our safety checklist, we will check the system’s pressure to determine if it is up to standards and advise accordingly.
  • Main Water Shut Off Valve: When it comes to the proper maintenance of your home plumbing, it is important to ensure that your main water shutoff valve is easily accessible and free of damage. That way, if you need to shut off your water for whatever reason, such as an extended vacation or in an emergency, the process is much easier. We will determine if it is up to standards and advise accordingly.
  • Main Gas Valves: Much like main water valves, it is important to ensure that your main gas valves are accessible and damage-free. If your home has gas valves, we will determine if they are up to standards and advise accordingly.
  • Sanitary Sewer Cleanouts: Proper maintenance of your home’s sewage system is essential to the health and safety of your family. We will locate the cleanouts and educate you on their importance.
  • Hot Water: Hot water is a must for your everyday routine, especially in the colder months. We will measure your water temperature, to make certain it is not above safety standards.
  • Water Heater: To ensure your hot water is up to temperature standards, we will perform a visual inspection of your water heater to ensure that it is functioning properly. We will document the age, size and physical condition of the unit and advise accordingly.
  • Water Conditions: The cleanliness and safety of your water is another of our highest priorities. This aspect of our service will measure its mineral contents and determine your hard water level and advise accordingly.
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This limited time offer has been designed to provide proper maintenance of your home’s essential plumbing systems. When you purchase this $129 service, you can rest assured that you are doing the best possible routine maintenance for your home’s essential plumbing systems.
To learn more about this exclusive limited time 7-Point Plumbing Safety Checklist offer, don’t hesitate to contact us today! We look forward to hearing from you!
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