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Center Valley


Looking for full-service plumbing in Center Valley, PA? Call Schuler Service at (484) 263-0486 for immediate assistance! Be sure to take a look at our online specials and discounts!

If you’re looking for excellent plumbers in Center Valley, look no further than Schuler Service! We offer a full range of plumbing, heating, and remodeling services that will keep your home running at peak efficiency.  Take a look at our client reviews to see what your neighbors are saying about our work!

Schuler service has been perfecting the art of plumbing since 1923. Our industry has continued to change since then, with new standards and more advanced technology to help your home stay safe. But one thing has remained constant: our dedication to providing the best plumbing solutions for your home or business.


At Schuler Service, we attend to all plumbing problems, large or small. Here are some of the more common issues we regularly handle.

Slow draining sink or tub

Hair or other debris can easily clog your drains, causing your sink or tub to back up. You may use solvents to remove the clogs; however, these are known to be ineffective and can actually harm your drains. You will want to enlist the help of a professional to locate the clog and remove it using a safer, more effective method.

Low water pressure

Water taps and nozzles need occasional adjustment and cleaning due to changes in pressure and unexpected problems. Some of the most common problems that you may encounter include calcium deposits, stuck heads, jammed flow control valves, irregular spray patterns, and controller malfunctioning. When calcium builds up in your water tap, low water pressure develops. You may need professional help to ensure the problem is properly handled.

Burst pipes

Older or damaged pipes are vulnerable to cracks due to changes in weather or water pressure. During extreme winter weather, pipes can freeze; they expand as they freeze, and can burst as they thaw out. Burst pipes are emergencies and require immediate repair.

Clogged toilet

With a clogged toilet, dirt and debris get collected or get back-flushed with water. Our technicians can determine the cause of the problem and help you get your toilet back in order. Many clogged toilets can be fixed by replacing the toilet fill valve, toilet flapper, or the leaky flush valve.

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