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Handicap & Wheelchair Accessibility


Most people overlook the hazards a bathroom can pose for someone with physical limitations. We understand the dangers of an average bathroom and can beautifully modify yours to improve your independence.

As you know, transferring from a wheelchair to a shower or tub can be a difficult task. We can correct the usability of your bathroom and your ease of mobility within the space. With your budget in mind, we will adjust your shower, toilet, entryway or sink to make life easier.


As a business owner you understand the importance of providing a great experience to every customer. Offering a handicap accessible bathroom that is ADA compliant is not only vital to customer satisfaction but also to customer safety.

By modifying entryways and doors, adding grab bars, and offering a taller, raised toilet seat, you are expanding the great service you provide to everyone who walks through the door. We have accessible options for every business, and can help you determine what your space needs to become ADA compliant.


Maneuvering in a kitchen, reaching high cabinets, and accessing out-of-reach outlets and switches can be cause for concern when you have a disability. Even as we age, these types of scenarios become increasingly common.

Our remodeling professionals carefully plan and update your kitchen space to promote better usage. Creating clearance for wheelchairs to rotate, optimizing counter space with pull out or drop leaf shelves, and moving switches for fans, lights and disposals, all enhance the user experience.

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