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Have a plumbing problem in Easton, PA? Call Schuler Service at (484) 263-0486 for quality solutions. Be sure to take a look at our online specials and discounts!

Easton residents can count on Schuler Service for the top technicians in plumbing, heating, and remodeling! Take a look at our client reviews to see what your neighbors are saying about our work!

Schuler service has been perfecting the art of plumbing since 1923.

Our industry has continued to change since then, with new standards and more advanced technology to help your home stay safe. But one thing has remained constant: our dedication to providing the best plumbing solutions for your home and business.


Plumbing problems are serious, whether it’s a leaking faucet or a burst pipe. As soon as you notice anything out of the ordinary, do not delay in calling for professional plumbing services. Delayed attention to an issue can cost you in repairs and lost efficiency.

Leaky faucets
The first issue common to most homes and businesses involves leaky faucets. Fortunately, this is an easy problem to fix for us! We can stop the leak or replace your faucet if necessary. We recommend getting help as soon as possible to avoid a higher water bill and wasted water.

Clogged drains
Restaurants, school cafeterias, and other business establishments experience clogged drains all the time. Clogged drains can happen in your home too. The first symptom of a clogged drain is that it takes longer than normal for the water to drain out of your sink or tub. If neglected, the clog will become more serious and require a more advanced removal process–which can cost you. A clogged drain that is attended to as soon as possible may only require a plumbing snake, which our technicians will use to easily remove the blockage.

Clogged toilets
Once a toilet drain gets clogged, you’ll be apt to reach for a plunger or drain cleaning solution. However, these “quick fixes” may damage your drains and cause clogs to become more stubborn. Call a trusted plumbing technician for safer methods of removal, including using a sewer snake.

Toilet leaks
Toilet leaks are another common problem. They will be silent and go unnoticed in some instances, and other times you will hear the water running. Call our technicians to find out what is causing the leak and to determine the best process of repair.

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