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The Design of a Bathroom Remodel Job is Crucial


Bathroom Remodel Basics


Your bathroom may be one of the smallest rooms in the house, but doesn’t mean it shouldn’t get the proper attention when it comes time for a remodel.

A bathroom remodel can take a once overlooked room and turn it into a personal retreat, a spa, or just a calming space from the rest of your home.

Depending on the bathroom you wish to remodel, the total square footage may be small, but the amount of work needed can be large and the costs can really add up if you are not prepared.

Do I Need to Have a Design Idea Before I Start the Renovation Process?

A bathroom remodel can be difficult due to the need to integrate plumbing and electrical along with making sure that everything is waterproof. The key to an efficient remodel is having a design idea before you begin the renovation process.

Having a design idea in place will save you both time and money. Without a design idea you may end up demolishing aspects of your bathroom that could be saved or reused. You may also begin to lay down a new floor or purchase fixtures that will need to be changed out in the long run if they do not fit properly.

It is possible to work up a design idea on your own, but it is best to speak with your contractor and plumber to make sure the idea is feasible. They may also be able to provide suggestions that will improve on your original design idea.

What Features Should I Plan to Invest the Most in for My New Bathroom?

This will vary depending on the size of your bathroom and the features you wish to have installed. It will also depend on the current condition of your plumbing and if you will need to have the plumbing rerouted to work with new fixtures.

Emmaus & Hellertown Bathroom Remodel

The items that are usually the most costly in a bathroom remodel are the floor and wall tiles. The cost will vary depending on the type and size of tiles you wish to use.

If you are planning on installing a high-tech shower system, such as one with multiple shower heads, you should plan on putting aside a good portion of your budget.

A high quality bathroom remodel increases the value of your home, so using high quality materials and fixtures in your remodel can be an excellent long term investment in your home.

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