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Plumbing Maintenance Tips While Social Distancing


While your home’s cleanliness and family’s health should be a top priority all year round, it is especially important now with the recent spread of the Coronavirus pandemic. It is recommended that households stay home when able to and distance themselves from social interactions. Many non-essential businesses have shut down, but at Schuler Service we will remain open. Our staff and customers’ safety and health has always been and remains our top priority. We are taking safety precautions, including providing our team with booties, gloves, and hand sanitizer, to ensure that we are doing our part to help protect our community.

If you are like many and working from home or homebound during this time, get a jump start on your routine plumbing maintenance to prep your home for the upcoming months. Read below for areas in your home to focus on.

Install a Water Filtration System

If your home does not currently have a water filtration system or it is outdated, consider installing a new one. An effective water filtration system ensures the water you drink and use to shower or cook is free of debris and healthy for you and your family to consume. Not only will your water taste fresh and clean and the addition of a filtration system will reap many health benefits for your family, but it will also save you money that would’ve been spent on plastic water bottles. Staying hydrated will be a breeze!

Clear out the Drainage System

Drains are susceptible to clogging when hair, grease, and food collects in the drainage system. This can lead to difficulty draining water, foul odors, or overflowing toilets. But a clogged drain can be prevented with routine maintenance. A clogged drain can make your everyday tasks an inconvenience, but our expert technicians will be able to identify the location of the clog and clear it so you’ll be back in working order in no time.

If you do not currently have a clogged drain, but you’d like to take preventative measures to ensure one doesn’t form in the near future, chemical drain cleaners are not the answer. Harsh chemicals that are sold in hardware stores may promise to clear drains, but they can have many negative effects including polluting the water supply or deteriorating home pipes. Schedule an appointment with the professionals and let us safely help you find the problems before they occur.

Unclog Toilets

If the recent toilet paper shortage has left you stuck using paper towels, napkins, or wipes, your plumbing system may be at risk for a clog, especially if there are more people currently at home and the plumbing system is being used a lot more frequently. When a toilet becomes clogged, it’s important to call the professionals as soon as possible. Leaving a clogged toilet without attention for any length of time will not only be a hassle for those in the house, but it could also result in a larger, more expensive problem.

We offer 24 hour and same day emergency services for your convenience. When you call us, you can feel at ease knowing we offer quality, efficient, and affordable services.

Repair Faucet Leaks

While a minor leak may seem easy to ignore and not a big deal, it can actually contribute to hundreds of wasted water every year. A shower that leaks ten drops per minute wastes more than 500 gallons of water a year. Take the extra time you have while home to schedule a professional repair. If your faucet is an older model and you’d like to replace it completely, we can help with that too! Don’t put it off any longer. Take the plunge now!

Show Your Plumbing Some Attention

Being stuck at home may seem like an inconvenience to many, but it’s important to follow the state’s recommendations. Many homes have plumbing systems that could use some maintenance or repairs and now is the time to get them done. We’re open and taking every safety precaution so we can continue to provide you with high quality service during this time.

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