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When It Comes To Unclean Water, Plumbing Superheroes Are Your Greatest Defense


When It Comes To Unclean Water, Plumbing Superheroes Are Your Greatest Defense

If your home has problems with its plumbing infrastructure, then you are risking the unhealthy consequences of drinking or bathing in contaminated water. This is where you need a plumbing superhero to come to your rescue.

Expert plumbers bring safe water to all by repairing leaks, recommending water filtration systems and declogging drains that can trap mold and bacteria and make your family sick.

Lack Of Plumbing Maintenance Is Bad For Your Health

Stomach Pain Sick If anyone in your family is suffering from allergies or symptoms such as fatigue, nausea, hives, nausea or headaches, then it might be the consequence of having leaky pipes, clogged drains and black mold growing beneath your sink or kitchen cupboard.

When you have leaky pipes, mold and fungus also tend to grow everywhere in the basement because the leak causes condensation. This causes appliances that use water as part of their operation to also “sweat, ” and the moisture causes them to grow mold.

Your washer, dishwasher, and air conditioner are also subject to mildew and bacteria growth and begin to emit spores and dirt particles into the air. Breathing in this toxic air can cause many physical problems, and if the trouble is black mold, it can cause respiratory distress that leads to death. By the way, if you spot black mold, leave your home and immediately call in experts to remove it.

Another issue caused by leaky pipes and water condensation is the way the pooled water attracts vermin and bugs. Rats, raccoons and other furry creatures may see your home as a source of water. Standing water trapped in your walls also encourages the proliferation of disease-carrying mosquitos, spiders, and other bugs.

When you hire a plumber to regularly maintain the pipes and fixtures in your home, you no longer risk health issues due to unsafe water. A plumber can also recommend ways for you to conserve water because the less you use, the less you will be at risk for wearing out your faucets or bursting a pipe.

Conserving Water Helps Prevent Breaks and Leaks

Water Conservation As the residents of Allentown know, prevention is the best medicine for preventing freezing pipes from swelling and bursting in the winter and causing flooding in your basement and around the sides of your home’s foundation.

Having your pipes inspected for leaks and potential breaks should be part of your annual fall inspection to prevent disasters and stop the foundation of your home from cracking or shifting due to moisture buildup.

You can also prevent floods due to frozen pipes by shutting off water that you will not be using in the winter, such as the outside tap or water taps that lead to outdoor water tubs, irrigation systems, birdbaths, and fountains.

Conserving water also helps plumbers, because using less water puts less strain on your fixtures, pipe and drains. You might be wondering, “How can we aid plumbers by practicing proper water conservation?”

The answer is to make sure that all of your fixtures are modern and that you have installed low-flow faucets, showerheads, and toilets. It also means that if you do have a burst pipe or similar plumbing emergency in your home, that your plumber will be dealing with much less water during the crisis.


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