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7 Tips to Prep Your Plumbing for Vacation


Summer is here! The sun’s out, the breeze is light, and the kids are home from school. While this is a popular time to hit the road for summer vacation, not many people think to prepare their home for their extended time away. This can lead to a plumbing disaster that you’ll only discover once you’ve returned home and the basement is already flooded. There’s no need to forgo your vacation plans though. Schuler Service is here to help you keep your cool with these seven helpful tips.

Turn Off the Water

To avoid coming home to a flooded house, be sure to turn off the main water valve before you leave for an extended period of time. To ensure no accidents will happen, you can also shut off the water valves to the sprinkler system, washing machine, ice maker, and dishwasher.

Check for Leaks Before You Go

It’s typical to be in a hurry before leaving for a big trip, making sure everything is packed, the pets are cared for, and the kids have all of their things; however, try to find the time to inspect your house for any leaks before you leave. Check all of your bathroom faucets and the kitchen sink. You’ll also want to sweep through all of your appliances from the dishwasher and washing machine to the refrigerator and freezer for any wet spots. Ensure there are no puddles, drips, or leaks before you plan on leaving for an extended period of time.

Check the Gutters

In addition to making time to check for leaks, you’ll also want to check your gutters before you leave. Your gutters drain rainwater collected from the roof down to the ground, away from your home’s foundation. It’s very important to make sure that they are clear of any debris such as leaves, nests, or sticks before you go, so they are capable of handling any summer storms that roll in while you’re away.

Test the Sump Pump

To ensure your basement is safe from flooding, test your sump pump. A properly working sump pump will protect your basement from flooding in case your gutters fail. Simply add water into the sump pit to raise its water level. If the sump pump ejects the water properly, then you can head out on vacation with peace of mind. If it doesn’t, you’ll want to contact a local plumber to fix the problem before you leave.

Unclog Your Drains

From the bathtub to the kitchen sink, clogs are bound to happen. It’s important to take care of these clogs before you leave your house unattended for an extended period of time to prevent coming home to unpleasant odors or bacteria build-up. If you have a serious clog that you can’t attend to on your own, call your local plumber for assistance.

Adjust the Water Heater

If you have a summer home that you travel to often or plan on being away for a long period of time, you can lower your energy bill by setting your water heater to the lowest possible setting.

Install a DROP Home Protective Valve

If you want the ability to monitor your home’s water system while you’re away without shutting off the main water valve, Schuler Service can install a DROP Home Protection Valve to your water supply line. Once this system is installed, you’ll have access to the DROP Leak Detection system, remote water shutoff, and the distinct Slow Leak Test. You can access all of your home’s water system stats right from your smartphone and gain the ability to shut off your home’s water directly through the app. Installing DROP provides peace of mind that you’ll experience minimal water damage, help conserve water, and lower your water bill.

Whether you’re looking to install a DROP Home Protection Valve, discover a leak, or need your sump pump looked at, Schuler Service is here to help with all of your plumbing needs! Give us a call at 484-246-6405, and we’ll get your appointment scheduled for a time that’s convenient for you.

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