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What’s That Smell? Look in Your Garbage Disposal


Garbage Disposal Odor Issues


Bethlehem PlumberWhen there is a problem with the plumbing in your kitchen, you will now about it very quickly. The smell coming from the garbage disposal can literally knock you off your feet.

Imagine leaving that decomposing garbage in a trash receptacle for days or weeks, the smell will take over the house. That is what is happening in your kitchen plumbing when you do not have a professional plumber maintaining the pipes at least once a year.

What Can a Plumber Do to Get Rid of the Smell?

To understand what a plumbing company can do to eliminate that smell you have to understand what is causing the smell in the first place. When you load food into the disposal, it can only work so fast to churn up those food particles into liquid. When certain foods are not liquified, they can easily get trapped in the pipes that connect to the main drain and run under the sink.

That food sits there are begins to smell when the sink is not being used. As more food accumulates deep down the pipe, it can be impossible to mask the smell.

Your local plumbing professional will access the pipes through the drain and scrub clean the interior surface of the pipes of all contaminants causing that odor. This preventative maintenance each year will keep food from sticking to the inside of the pipe.

What Shouldn’t I Put into My Garbage Disposer?

The garbage disposal is designed to reduce the food placed in the trash can and eventually the landfills. Most people simply overdo it, jamming just about anything in the disposal, leading to the unit wearing out sooner and leading to more particles getting trapped in the pipes.

Garbage DisposalNever put any bones inside the disposal, regardless how small they might be. Grease and oil should never be put in the disposal because it can solidify in the pipes. Egg shells can get stuck around the blades in the disposal and damage the unit. Pasta and rice will keep expanding even though chopped up, leading to blockages in the pipes.

Be careful about the items that you are placing in the garbage disposal and it will last longer and reduce the particles getting stuck in the drains that lead to those awful smells. By keeping particles from getting stuck in the pipes, you eliminate the house smelling like your local landfill.

Is your garbage disposal clogged and smelling up your Bethlehem kitchen? No need to wait, Call Schuler Service Inc. at (610) 434-7103 and get the right plumbing services you need.

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