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Water Heater Replacement in Coplay, PA | Schuler Service


Hot water on demand is one of the things that we tend to take for granted about living in the modern world, but it really is something special when you think about it. The time saved on tasks like washing clothes, washing dishes, or bathing is astronomical! It’s what makes our water heaters such an important part of our homes. One of our customers in Coplay, PA recently needed a replacement water heater, and our technicians here at Schuler Service were more than happy to help. 


“Jason did an amazing job and brought a nice young apprentice with him,” our customer reported. “He was able to replace my water heater tank super fast and explained all my options and add-ons I could choose from and cleaned everything up after. I also appreciate that they used shoe covers, that was very considerate. This is my second time using Schuler and I am very happy with the services and professionalism they provided. The 24 hour scheduling made it very convenient to set up the appointment by phone. I can now go on vacation with a piece of mind knowing I won’t come home to a disaster! Thanks again!”


Peace of mind and convenience are things that we always strive to provide to our valued customers, and we were so pleased to be able to do so here. If you’re in need of a replacement water heater as well, make sure you call Schuler Service to take advantage of our 24-hour scheduling and other easy-to-use services!

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