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Top Room in Your Home That Deserves an Upgrade, Your Bathroom!


10 Reasons to Remodel Your Bathroom

Homeowners want to have luxury and convenience. After a long day at work, we want to come to our Allentown home, and draw a bath. Just as going to work is integral to the American dream, time to oneself is also integral to the American dream.

The bathroom is the place that many people spend a lot of time washing the day away. Perhaps that is why so many plumbing companies are reporting that so many people are having their bathrooms remodeled. A newly designed bathroom is quickly becoming one of the important upgrades in the home. There are several reasons for this.

Allentown, PA bathroom remodeling1 –  Resale Value

When a potential buyer comes to your open house, they are going to step into your bathroom, and what are they going to see? Often, what they see is underwhelming.

They see boring tiled floors, a single mirror, a tub and a toilet with a big, clunky tank. There might be a few extra feet, but nothing really special. If you look closely enough, you might see the brief moment of disappointment in their face as they try to remember when the open house down the block is going to be. The bathroom is one of the most important considerations for potential buyers.

2 – It saves energy.

There are a number of considerations that come with homeownership in Allentown. You need to know what sort of payment you are going to have to make every month. You probably see your energy bill running around like a raging bull and you need to learn to tame it.

Many of the new bathroom upgrades are energy efficient and allow you to do just that so that you can save some extra money. There are several low-flow toilet models, radiant flooring, and much more. Some shower heads even light up when you have taken too long of a shower.

3 – You will have extra space.

When you walk into your bathroom, what do you see? Many people are overwhelmed with all of the clutter. Everything feels like it is closing in on them and they do not have any extra room at all. That is why the new innovations are designed to give more space (such as the tankless toilet) and give the illusion of more space (like the floating sink).

4 – Great for when you are tired in the morning.

When you wake up at the crack of dawn and make your way to the bathroom to get in the shower, you are probably very tired. The hot water pouring over you and being engulfed in steam likely makes you even more drowsy. Sometimes you might feel like you are going to fall asleep right there in the shower and you just wish you had something to hold you up. That is why so many people are installing a handlebar in their shower to hold them up when they are tired.

5 – More Than One Sink

Sometimes when you and your spouse wake up in the morning, there might be something of a race to get into the bathroom and start to wash up. Neither of you can complain, because neither of you are wrong. You both need to get to work and you both need to use the bathroom. Many people install a second sink so that each person will have their designated area for getting ready in the bathroom.

6 – You are tired of standing in the shower.

It might surprise you to learn that many other people are tired of standing in the shower too. That is not laziness. In fact, that complaint has been vindicated in the recent sit down showers that are flooding the market. People can sit down in a tub in the middle of their bathroom and take a shower.

7 – Boost your comfort.

The time spent in the bathroom is a time of relaxation where everything else in the world is just forgotten. It is important to go to every length to maximize your comfort. The innovations that are coming out fulfill that need. Many people are installing heated floors into their bathrooms. When they step out of the shower, they do not have to feel cold or wet tiles. They instead feel massaging and warming floorboards that they do not want to leave.

 Allentown, PA bathroom remodeling 28 – Better Design Maneuvers

A toilet is the bane of the interior designer’s existence. There is very little that they can do with the obtrusive, clunky toilet to complement the flow of the bathroom. While that may have been the case a few years ago, it is just not true today. Many toilets are crafted specifically to fit into the interior design methods within the bathroom. Some of them even look just like a bench and fit quite nicely.

9 – Convenience In Your Home

There are some unspeakable bathroom duties that nobody enjoys and that everybody finds revolting. Nonetheless, they are just part of life and something to which we have all grown accustomed. These old habits are beginning to fade into the background.

There are toilets that will clean the user after they are finished. This means that you will not need to have toilet paper in your bathroom. It will wash and dry you and then clean itself. It will do all of the dirty work. Convenience has been a powerful motivator for years, and it is a powerful motivator in bathroom remodeling as well.

10 – Provision for the handicapped

Some bathrooms are just not sufficient for elderly or handicapped individuals. They are not equipped with the resources that such an individual would need to be totally satisfied with their bathroom experience. Many elderly individuals do not have the leg strength to put their legs over the tub to enter. So, a walk in shower and perhaps a handlebar would be helpful.

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