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The Causes of Drains Clogging


Why Does a Drain Clog?


Bethlehem PlumberHow Can I Keep this from Happening?

Drains clog for many different reasons. Some drains are used differently than others. Kitchen drains generally handle drain traffic that is different from bathroom drains.

Residential homes generally deal with a different type of drain traffic than commercial buildings. Drains are mostly used for taking water from sinks or bathtubs out of the house, but sometimes, other things go down drains too.

Kitchen drains are used for relatively heavy-duty work. Because of the cooking and cleaning that goes on in some homes, the kitchen sink can be used to dispose of dirty water, food, and grease.

All of those things can cause a drain to clog. Dirty water may not clog a drain quickly, but over time, the dirt from the dirty water can accumulate in a drain and prevent water from leaving a sink. In a kitchen, food can also cause drains to clog.

Most people probably do not just stuff food down their sinks. Often, the food stuck in a drain goes down the drain inadvertently, or someone possibly assumed that the small amount of food that they were putting in the sink probably would not clog the drain.

Many times, that is a safe assumption. Small amounts of food can probably easily pass through drains and pipes without getting stuck.

Reasons for Clogs

However, over time, food particles can accumulate in drains and cause clogging. Grease may be one of the biggest causes of clogged kitchen drains. Grease can accumulate quickly and become hard enough to resist water flow in pipes. Bathroom drains handle dirty water, as well as hair and paper products. All of those things can accumulate in drains and cause clogging.

It is important to know how to prevent drains from clogging. Clogged drains can be a hassle to deal with. Sometimes, it only takes a little drain cleaning liquid to fix the problem. Some other times, when clogging is much more extensive, more invasive work may be called for.

Plumbers may run a long, flexible tool through pipes to clean them. Other times, the pipes may be temporarily removed to make the pipe cleaning process easier.

Drain CleaningOne way to prevent clogged drains is to be careful about what is poured down drains. It could also be helpful to use sink strainers. Another preventative action is to pour hot water down drains on a regular basis.

Because of the potentially costly steps that may be involved in fixing clogged drains, preventing clogs from happening is probably easier and less expensive financially.

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