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Stand up and Take Notice of World Water Day on March 22


Stand up and Take Notice of World Water Day on March 22

world-water Big change starts with small steps, which is why you need to pay attention to World Water Day, happening on March 22. You may not realize it, but there is a world water crisis on our hands, and it’s up to people everywhere to change how they use water on a daily basis.

Despite the fact that the majority of the earth’s surface is covered with water, many regions of the world (particularly Sub-Saharan Africa) suffer from inadequate supplies of clean water, which leads to an ongoing cycle of poverty and illness.

In 1993 the United Nations established World Water Day as an annual event. Here is some more information about the water crisis and tips on how you can make a difference.

Water Conservation in Your Home

Per capita, the United States utilizes more water than any other country, followed closely by Canada. There is using water to perform necessary tasks, andthen there is wasting water because you’re not mindful of the resources.

In your kitchen, change the way you cook. Instead of boiling veggies, steam them. It’s healthier and you use less water. Reserve pasta liquid after you’ve cooked your meal and use it to water your plants. Avoid r unning the tap to defrost items.

running-shower-head In your bathroom, turn the tap off when you wash your hands, brush your teeth or shave. Take a shower instead of a bath. When you turn your shower on waiting for the water to heat up, use a bucket to collect that water. You can use it to flush your toilet (if you fill it enough it will flush on its own).

Outside, mulch your garden so that it will retain more moisture. Observe watering restrictions to water your lawn. Turn your hose off while you are washing your car.

Good Plumbing Helps the Cause

wasting-water Get in the habit of checking for leaks, because a leaky pipe, faucet or toilet wastes a huge amount of water. Inspect faucets, piping, and toilets on a regular basis. Don’t forget things like washing machine hoses and ice maker hoses on your fridge, which can rupture easily and leak. Check around your heating and cooling units as well.
Some signs of a leak include water meter readings that don’t correspond with your water use, an unexplained increase in water bills, pooling water and wet spots and growth of mold.

Water Crisis Hard Facts

water-drop The earth is covered by 70 percent water, but only 3 percent of that water is fresh, which is what we need for bathing, cooking and irrigation. At the current consumption rate that we have, it will only worsen as the world population grows as the need for fresh water grows. While climate change is partly to blame, wasting water around the world isn’t helping either.

Have you considered low-flow toilets or showers? They make a big difference. In the Allentown, PA area call us at (610) 434 7103 for more information.

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