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Spring is Here! Time to Start that Cleaning List


Spring Plumbing Tips: Top 5 Tips for Cleaning Your Plumbing this Spring


Easton PlumberGreat Reasons to Spring-Clean Plumbing Fixtures

Our plumbing technicians work at commercial and residential properties installing and repairing a variety of bathroom and kitchen plumbing fixtures.

Spring is a great time to clean plumbing fixtures in a home to make the items look more attractive and operate better.

When arriving at a home or business, we are able to complete our job faster when plumbing devices are maintained.

The bathroom and kitchens in a business or home are used constantly, requiring a major spring-cleaning to keep it looking great.

Tip One: Remove Debris from Bathroom and Kitchen Sink Drains

Bathroom drains are often filled with debris such as hair strands combined with soap while kitchen drains have a buildup of grease and food particles. Remove the pop-up sink stoppers to remove debris from the device. Next, pour baking soda into the drain before adding white vinegar. This combination of safe products creates a chemical reaction that dissolves debris.

Clean Shower-heads and Toilets

Tip Two: Clean Shower-heads to Maintain Water Flow

For our customers with hard water, this shower-head cleaning trick removes a buildup of sediments from the holes in the device. Fill a small plastic bag with white vinegar before placing it over the shower-head with a rubber band. Mineral deposits dissolve after a few hours and are rinsed off easily.

Tip Three: Clean Toilets Thoroughly

Our customers may clean a bathroom’s toilet bowl once a week, but the device needs additional scrubbing on its exterior. Use a soft cloth saturated with gentle dish

detergent to wash away debris from the underside of the toilet bowl and the base. Remember to clean the tank cover to wash away dust and mold.

Cleaning a Bathtub and Faucets

Tip Four: Bathtub Cleaning

Many of our customers ignore cleaning a bathroom’s bathtub, because they think that the draining water is enough to keep it spotless.

However, residue from soap and hair care products will buildup on the surface of a bathtub, making it look grimy. A soft scrub brush and gentle cleanser are needed to remove debris from the bathtub’s surface.

Easton Spring Plumbing

Tip Five: Cleaning Faucets

Faucets on sinks and bathtubs also develop mineral deposits, especially when the rubber washers are degrading. Use a soft toothbrush to scrub away debris or dirt before replacing rubber washers. Remove the faucet tip cover to clean sediment from the screen to improve water flow.

Spring is upon us, which means time to start your cleaning list for your Easton home. Give Schuler Service a Call at (610) 434-7103, and get assistance on your Spring list!

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