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Sewer Drain Cleaning in Allentown, PA | Schuler Service


Clogged or slow drains anywhere in your house are a major problem, but once your sewer system comes into play, things can get a lot more unpleasant. You never want to mess with the pipes and drains that lead to the sewers in your house. Malfunctions in these areas can be dangerous to the health and safety of your family. That’s why when one of our clients in Allentown, PA developed a sewer drain clog, he called us right away and we sent Chuck out for an emergency appointment.

Luckily, this job ended up being a simple fix with no unexpected obstacles. Chuck was able to unclog the sewer pipe and then clean out the drain, the entire process taking him about an hour and a half. “Had an emergency drain clog,” our client reported in their review. “They fit me into their busy schedule and quickly unclogged our sewer drains. Our plumber Chuck was extremely professional, clean, and courteous. I would absolutely use Schuler Services again.”

We’re always happy to hear about a job well done, and we’re happy we were able to help! If you suspect you’re having a similar problem with drain clogs, make sure to contact Schuler Service for emergency plumbing help today!

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