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See What These Summer Tips Can Do For You!


5 Summer Plumbing Tips

Easton PlumberWhile summer offers plenty of opportunities for fun and entertainment, there are also inherent problems. That is, plumbing systems will naturally be affected by the summer season. Below explains five maintenance tips that will reduce your plumbing headaches this summer.

Check for Clogs

Having the kids home and family visitors will result in more clogged drains. Food spoils quickly during hot weather, so the garbage disposal is a convenient solution. However, simply use your garbage instead.

Instruct children on how to use a moderate amount of toilet paper in order to avoid clogging toilets. Swimming and outdoor activities will result in more showers, which means the shower clog should be cleaned out more often. However, avoid using chemical clog removers as this could damage the pipes.

The Washing Machine

Outdoor activities will result in the washing machine working overtime. Be sure to check the hoses for any cracks or kinks. In fact, hoses should be changed every three to five years.

If your washing machine is older, consider installing an overflow pan or even a water shutoff system to prevent flooding. Even better, upgrade your washing machine to an environmentally friendly, energy efficient model.

Sprinkler System

Be sure to inspect the irrigation system for any leaks or clogged heads. Be aware of where the sprinkler heads are located when moving the lawn. Save water by keeping the sprinklers aimed away from the sidewalk and driveway. Finally, be sure to water the lawn and landscape in the early morning or evening when it’s cool. Otherwise you will waste water and lose money because of evaporation.

Save Money

Easton Summer-Plumbing-TipsHaving very hot water isn’t as important during the summer as it is during the winter. Consider turning down your water heater to save money and energy.

In fact, if you are leaving for a long vacation, consider turning your water heater off. If you have a pool, be careful about water usage and try to avoid unnecessary waste.

Sewer Lines

A wet spring with newly planted trees is a not good news for your sewer line. This is because tree roots will actually grow towards a cracked or leaking sewer line for the available nutrients. In addition to this, heavy rainfall during spring can also enter the sewer pipes through cracks and cause backups.

In conclusion, keeping your plumbing system in excellent shape will ensure a trouble free summer.

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