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Scalding Water and High Pressure Fixed in Coplay, PA


Nothing throws your day off more than the hot water in your home misbehaving. It’s always unpleasant to hop in the shower and find there’s no hot water to be had, but the opposite can also cause problems of its own! That’s what happened to our customer in Coplay, PA. Their upstairs bath and shower was only putting out hot water– so hot it was scalding and they couldn’t use it. Luckily, Schuler was on the job!

There were a few obstacles to this job that made it so tricky for the customer to deal with. The hot and cold water valves were located in a very cramped space that made them hard to access. To prevent this from being a problem in the future, our team member Noah and his apprentice Dylan suggested widening the space for easier access. Additionally, a pressure reading taken at the house showed that the water pressure coming into the building was excessive, which can be dangerous and damaging for plumbing fixtures throughout the house. Noah and Dylan recommended adding a pressure reducing valve, which the customer accepted. Between creating easier access to the hot and cold water valves, regulating the water pressure, and using the existing diverter on the shower head, the scalding water issue was easily fixed in less than half a day!

“Noah & Dylan arrived promptly and were very easy to work with. They listened to my issue of no cold water flowing to the upstairs bathtub & shower. The hot & cold water valves were very difficult to move plus they were located in a very cramped space. They knew exactly how to go about fixing the problem, which they clearly explained to me. Since the access panel space was so tight, Noah recommended widening it a bit & installing a new access panel which he custom fit into the new space. Noah also noticed how high the incoming water pressure was & so tested it & found it excessive. He recommended installing a regulator to decrease incoming water pressure. Doing that as well as using the existing diverter on the showerhead readily solved the problem. These guys were amazing, very professional, patient and knowledgeable. Plus, they had the parts & tools required to get everything completed in one call. I highly recommend Schuler Service & will contact them again for future plumbing issues,” Andrea said.

Read Andrea’s review on BBB.

If you’re struggling with a similar problem in your home, make sure you give Schuler Service a call and we’ll help you get it sorted out!

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