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Prevent Unexpected Water Bills with these Helpful Tips and Tricks


Prevent Unexpected Water Bills with these Helpful Tips and Tricks

There is no need to be shocked by an amount you see on a water bill if you learn how to conserve and reuse water so that there is no way that your bill is above a certain amount every month.

This means having some self-discipline and maybe even not using water at all in certain situations. Keep in mind that the decision not to turn the faucet on also equates to the decision to not pay for it.

Put Your Greywater to Good Use

Water Plants Dishwashers, laundry machines, bathtubs and all sinks can produce greywater, the sometimes soapy product of rinsing that can be used connected to hoses that lead to outside.

This water can be funneled into barrels or a basin or trained to travel through a soaker hose outside. Greywater can also be recycled and used as a source of water to help generate heating through radiators or radiant floor heating systems.

Trade In Your Baths For the 8-Minute Shower

Shower Taking a shower can save you the 30 to 40 gallons of water that would be used to fill a bathtub, so only take a bath on special occasions.

Keep your showering time to less than eight minutes to see big savings on your water bill. You can also reduce your water bill by showering at the gym or a public pool. Anytime you are using anyone else’s shower or bath, you are saving money.

Only Wash Your Car At a Car Wash

Car Wash If you want to see your water bill rise higher and higher, keep washing your car at home. Once again, you should not use your own water supply to do this:

You should use the water supply from elsewhere because the cost of using the gallons of water needed to clean a vehicle should be prohibitive.

Take your car to an automated car wash, where recycled water is used and never be shocked by the amount in your Balance Owing amount on your water bill again.

Upgrade Your Fixtures and Fix All Leaks

Water Leak Note that any money spent on upgrading fixtures or pipes with a plumbing specialist, is money that is well spent because it can save you from being vulnerable to a leak that can lead to really high charges on your bill.

By all accounts, the cost of water will be rising in Allentown, PA, due to degrading infrastructures; water shortages and shifting weather patterns that cause dry spells.

Changing your lifestyle so that you are using as little water as possible is almost a survivalist move at this point if you want to be able to afford your water bills in the future.

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