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Outdoor Faucet Replacement in Bethlehem, PA


With summer here, many homeowners look to use their outdoor faucets frequently, whether for gardening or filling up a pool. If the faucet is in need of a replacement, it can be cause for major inconveniences this summer. Give Schuler Service a call to help you find the best solution.  

One of our customers in Bethlehem, PA was having an unexpected problem with their outdoor faucet and called Schuler Service for the job. We sent our technician Deron who met with the customer and discussed the available options for the work. 

Once a replacement was approved, Deron got to work but encountered difficulty accessing the existing faucet. He cut access holes in the wall and ceiling before finding that the stem had been broken off inside the faucet. Deron stayed with the problem for over 4 hours until he successfully completed the work at hand to the customers full satisfaction.

“Another terrific experience in working with Schuler Service. Our outdoor faucet needed to be replaced, and there was no access. Deron quickly assessed the best solution for a very challenging task and came up with a terrific gameplan. He was super friendly and easy to work with as we figured things out. He also came up with some improvised solutions to save on additional costs and measures and minimized the amount of drywall he had to cut. I would definitely say he was a life saver!” Jason said.

Read Jason’s review here.

Ensuring that we deliver an end result that is to everyone’s satisfaction is just part of what we do here at Schuler. If you’re having a similar problem, we can help you! Contact us today.

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