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Allentown Bathroom Remodel If there is one place in your home where the water runs and runs and runs, it’s your bathrooms. And unknowingly many homeowners have ignored several things that can add to the increase in monthly utility bills. Ergo, in these troubling times when many areas of the country are “drought stricken” with water conundrums and restrictions and haven’t seen a decent rain shower in years, perhaps starting with a bathroom remodeling upgrade can help ease your particular “utility pain.”

Bathroom remodeling and helping lower your monthly water bill is our specialty and with your indulgence, here are several ways to accomplish that task:

  • It’s a fact that nearly 65 percent of men, women and children shower at least once a day; sometimes both morning and evening. Filling your tub to the “brim” and letting the warm water continue to drip, drip while you soak – well, can all add up to costing you money.
  • Replace the tub with a luxury shower with special features like handheld sprayers, multiple shower heads or a rain-style shower head so users will get the job done quickly, which will save you water and money.

Second only to your kitchen which is usually the “hangout” place in a home, bathrooms are a necessity and will get its share of “time” day and night and, for the most part, is the most frequently used room in any home. And since most homes have more than one bathroom to accommodate a growing family, your monthly water bill can easily give you “sticker shock.”

Our plumbing company suggests you consider these three things in your bathroom remodeling:

  1. Take showers instead of baths. Ask family members to be mindful of running water and turn the water off while brushing teeth, shaving or “primping” yourself in the morning and evening.
  2. Replace toilets with a water efficient model. Also reduce water flow by placing several “bricks” in the tank.
  3. Consider a “tankless” water heater. They heat “on demand” rather than “storing” and reheating in the tank. This can save about 40 percent on the cost.

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