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Is It Time to Clean Your Drains?


Why Are Clean Drains Important?

Allentown Drain Cleaning Foul smelling odors, constant back-ups, and clogging are all nasty side effects of an improperly maintained drainage system. Chances are if you have experienced any of these things then you are not satisfied with your current drainage situation—yet the solution to these problems are probably not as complicated and costly as you think. Drain cleaning can be a simple and great solution to many of these problems.

Most home drainage systems essentially have the same functions. These drainage systems operate by strategically angling and pitching pipes, which pulls waste downward. You probably are already aware of the angling that is being discussed; many toilets as well as sink pipes have a distinct S-shaped bend to them that allow waste to travel downward and exit out of your home in the sewer system. However, these pipes do not work alone—various vents, clean-outs, and traps work in unison to ensure that waste is properly dispersed throughout your house.

Vents are usually located on your roof and work by allowing air to enter the drainage system thus-forth allowing for the waste to flow out properly. Imagine the vacuum effect that is created when you drink from a water bottle without allowing air to enter, the same applies for a drainage system.

Traps are the angles in the pipe that we discussed earlier, S-shaped traps allow gravity to pull waste water out when it enters as well as keep a certain amount of water in the pipe at all times to prevent foul odors from getting through the wrong side and making life difficult for you.

Now you can imagine that drainage systems would have ways to stop clogging and odors as a way to help out home owners, and that is where clean-outs and clean-out plugs come into play—by giving people access to areas where grease and hair are likely to build up, one can properly disperse of clogs in their drainage system.

All of these things would work to keep a drainage system working consistently if this was a perfect world. Yet drainage systems require maintenance; a plumbing company can address your drainage system problems and the mess through services that clean out faulty systems with the expertise and inherent willingness to deal with the mess, giving you odorless and functioning drains.

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