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How should I handle a plumbing emergency?


How To Handle A Plumbing Emergency


Emergency PlumbingWhether the pipes are jammed or the drainage is clogged, dealing with a plumbing emergency is not the most pleasant time of our lives. Being ready to deal with such an issue can help slow down the deteriorating process and stop the problem before it gets any worse. Following are a list of things to do when dealing with a plumbing emergency.

Step 1Turn off the water

During a plumbing emergency, try to figure out where the issue is coming from and turn off any pipes water pressure to prevent the problem from getting any worse. If you cannot locate the water valve system it is usually located in the basement or outside the house. Shutting off the whole system is only to be done if you don’t know which pipe is suffering from issues. That way by shutting the entire system you put a hold on further damage.

Step 2Prevent any flooding

When a drainage problem occurs, water usually floods the floors all around the pipes and the house. Placing towels to soak in all the flooded water will prevent any further damage from taking place which might ruin the material of the floor and cause unwanted water related cracks.

Step 3Make sure you sweep the area

Water spreading may continue to happen although the water valve is off, which makes your surrounding items in danger of water damage. Make sure to move away and valuables or electronics to keep them out of harms way.

Step 4Contact a professional

Most local plumbing companies offer 24 hour emergency service. After containing the problem, contact a professional plumbing company to come and take a look at what caused the problem, and fix it. Asking them to educate you on what caused the problem will prevent it from happening again.

Everyone needs to learn how to handle a plumbing emergency before it takes place to save as much as they can on the damages it may cause.

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