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How Can I Tell if My Garbage Disposal Was Installed Properly?


How Can I Tell if My Garbage Disposal Was Installed Properly?

A leaky garbage disposal can paralyze operations in the home. Most people would rather deal with problematic plumbing than be faced with a faulty garbage disposal. A little DIY expertise on your side and help from experts will get your leaking disposal functioning as new.

Knowing what connections to check and the precautions to take when using your disposal will help you unveil the underlying problem. It may also help avert future leaks.

Common Disposal System Components to Double-Check

garbage-disposal_360It is important to know the various components of garbage disposals that are likely to develop leaks.

They are only a few, namely:

• Sink flange

• Gasket

• Drain piping

• Dishwasher discharge pipe

• Body

The sink flange, gasket, and piping all connect to the garbage disposal. When they become faulty, leaks are inevitable. The metallic body of the disposal is sturdy, and while it can go for years without breaking down, eventually it starts to wear out. At this point, it is likely the garbage disposal needs to be replaced.

Check all the system connections.

Mostly, garbage disposal leaks occur when there is a problem with the connections. Connections are found where the disposal is joined to the sink flange, dishwasher drain hoses or the drain.

Inspect each of these areas, to identify the origin of the leak. When the drain connection is the cause of the leak, leaking will occur at the point where the seal connects the sink to the garbage disposal cracks. Look out for cracks in the seal. To rectify the problem, disconnect the garbage disposal from the sink and reseal the flange.

When the dishwasher pipe connection is the problem, usually, it is because the drainage pipes have come loose. In this case, remove the disposal and reconnect. If the leak persists, the connecting metal clamp may be the culprit. Replace the clamp.
garbage-disposal-connectionsLeaks at the point where the drain connects to the disposal are often a result of a worn out gasket.

The rubber gasket is the seal that keeps the connection between the two secure.

Replacing the gasket will usually solve the problem. If the gasket is new or in relatively good condition, check whether the screws need tightening. Sometimes a single loose screw is responsible for the inconvenient leak.

Inspect the system for possible cracks.

The leak you are experiencing may be a result of cracks in the system. Carefully inspect the different components making up the disposal and the draining pipes for any noticeable cracks. Small cracks may be sealed using plumber’s putty. Larger cracks may require you to replace the affected components.

Cracks can occur because of normal wear. Over time, hoses and other bits may crack even with regular use. When this happens it is time to replace them. Note that the disposal system itself may be the cause of the leak. This happens when its seals begin to wear out. The leak, in this case, will be at the bottom of the system, a problem that can only be solved by replacing the entire garbage disposal.

Precautions to Take for a Problem-Free Garbage Disposal

With a little care, you can keep your disposal from leaking. Where leaks happen, you can quickly fix them by knowing the cause. Remember, the more complex repairs can be quite technical and will require the help of a plumber.

To keep your disposal system leak-free, follow these easy precautionary steps:

• Avoid pouring bleach and other harsh chemicals and cleaning agents down the sink. They will damage the seals, leaving you with a leaky disposal.

• Check the flanges, seals and gaskets regularly for leaks. Do not ignore seemingly small indicators such as wetness, moist areas around the pipes and leaking droplets of water.

• Every once in a while disconnect the disposal system and inspect for wear; a step that could save you from the unexpected deluge of a worn-out pipe that is only minutes away from bursting open.

Get Help for Major Fixes

avoid-a-garbage-disposal-leakComplete disposal system replacement requires a professional helping hand. Even for DIY enthusiasts, fixing everything in its place can prove to be tricky. The same goes for replacing things like the seals.

Let the experts do it for you and you will enjoy lasting results. Smaller fixes such as resealing with putty and re-tightening screws or bolts can be done without outside assistance.

All the same, what may be a simple task for one individual may be difficult for someone else.

Do not shy away from getting help from an experienced plumber no matter how small the leak may seem. A plumbing company will handle the problem successfully and keep it from recurring. If you experience frequent leaks, let a plumber come in, find the cause and solve it.

Call Schuler Service Inc. in Allentown, PA at (610) 991-7098 to get company experts who will fix your leaking garbage disposal today and solve the issue once and for all.  

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