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How can I make sure I’m hiring the right plumber?


Questions You Should Ask A Plumber Before Hiring One


Allentown PlumberWhen it comes to plumbing, you need to ensure you are getting proper maintenance for a fair price. You should always do some preliminary research before seeking professional assistance. Ask your neighbors for any plumbers they recommend. After you’ve received initial guidance, see for yourself what’s offered. Take a gander and asks good question to a plumber before initially hiring one:

The first thing you should ask your plumber is if he’s licensed. Why? Well, there are plumbers who operate without one. The problem is these plumbers don’t hold account for any mishaps that could occur for an unsatisfactory job. You can always check the licensing body in case you are unsure if the plumber is telling the truth. Remember that it’s always better to be safe than sorry.

Another thing to note is the quote you get from a plumber. If all the business is done over the phone, that should send a red flag to you. Why? Well, a real plumber finds the problem when he physically checks it out. You can get a real assessment of the damages from your plumber after seeing what he views and ask all of your questions upfront. This way it’s no secret.

Make sure the paperwork is right. Is he getting paid an hourly rate or flat rate? While flat sounds fine, the fixed rate does go on to however long it takes the job. Also, it’s wise to know how much your plumber wants upfront. If he says 100%, just leave and don’t even bother digging into your pockets. Sometimes, you’ll seriously get taken advantage of with a lackluster job. Try to get a 50-50 type of deal where you pay in full only after a job is completed. Also, you can suggest a pay per completed job depending on the length.

Make sure you check out all the details before moving on with a plumber. You don’t want to get caught with the short end of the stick. Are you looking for a home plumber in the Allentown area? Call Schuler Service at (610)-434-7103 and get started today!

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