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Before and after pictures of hot water heaters.

Hot Water Heater and Softener Replacement


Hot water is one of those things that you might take for granted in your life, but the minute your hot water system starts acting up, you’ll notice! That’s what happened in this case we handled in Macungie, PA. The hot water heater in this house was leaking from the bottom of the tank, and the water softener that the clients had was overdue for a replacement.

The clients not only wanted to have their hot water heater back in good working order, but they wanted access to instant hot water– and lots of it! To satisfy this need, we installed a Navien tankless hot water heater and a new WaterRight “City” water softener system, which provides water filtration for the whole house in addition to softening the water. This is something the clients ended up loving– they no longer have a bad chlorine taste to their water and they don’t have to spend money on buying bottled water anymore. The clients were only without hot water for about 24 hours as we worked on the project.

Shortly after completing this project, we returned to these clients for an unrelated issue and learned that they’d recently had the entire family over and never run out of hot water throughout the visit! We were so pleased to hear that they were satisfied with their new hot water system.

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