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Gas Smells Not to Be Taken Lightly


Gas Line Leak Repair: How Do I Know if I Have Gas Line Leak? 


Bethlehem PlumberGas leaks can be especially dangerous to a homeowner. One of the misconceptions about gas leaks is that they all have an odor. The reality is, most gas leaks do not produce an odor, which is why homeowners should take extra precaution by using a few preventive measures. Here are a few tips related to gas leaks and other safety measures that should be taken:

Focus on Smell

In most cases, leaks do not produce a smell, but in some cases, it does. Occupants of a residential or commercial home should make sure to use their five senses to detect any suspicious smells. It is best to keep a flashlight on hand in order to investigate any gas odors. Avoid using candles or matches, as this can spark an explosion or fire.

Leave switches in the home alone if a gas leak is suspected. If the smell of gas is filling the home, provide ventilation by opening all the windows and doors. Cracking a window is also a good idea to provide occupants with fresh air.

Check the pilot light to see if it is still on. Some gas appliances were created with electronic igniters while others use a flame. It is important to determine which one the homeowner has. A manual should be nearby in case of emergencies.

Some Odors are Undetectable

Relying on the five senses is not enough in order to detect a leak in many cases. In some cases, the smell might fade or diminish, despite the leak still occurring. Some leaks will have a “whistling” or “hissing” sound.

Gas Line Leak

If something does not sound right in the furnace, call a professional, as leaks can lead to death, brain damage and severe poisoning. Make sure to check for damaged appliances that are connected to the gas source. Bubbling water is another sign of a leak, and should be investigated immediately.

Other Safety Precautions

Make sure to clean any debris, grease or dirt that is around the burners of a stove. This will decrease the chance of fires. If a fire does occur due to a gas leak, never pour water on the flame. Instead, use baking soda or try to smother the flame with a lid.

Every home should also have a fire extinguisher on hand in case of an emergency. Hiring a professional to check for gas leaks and other issues is essential in providing a safe place to live and/or work.

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