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Frozen Pipes Repair in Catasauqua, PA | Schuler Service


For every homeowner that lives in a cold climate, the words “frozen pipes” are enough to send a chill up the spine. They can be a disaster for your home plumbing just waiting to happen once the weather gets chilly, and unfortunately one of our customers in Catasauqua, PA recently had to deal with them. Although the other taps and appliances in their house were fine, they weren’t getting any water in their washing machine, and couldn’t manage to turn the water off. 

Our technician Jason arrived and took stock of the situation. He found that the customer’s copper pipes to the washing machine had frozen, and thawed them with a heat gun and torch. After making the necessary repairs to the frozen pipe, he recommended that the customers leave their basement door open due to the extreme cold, and hung a tarp in their doorway to help trap the warm air. The whole process took about two hours, and we were delighted to receive the customer’s glowing review. 

“Jason S. was wonderful! I had a frozen pipe that he took care of, and I am very thankful! My very first experience with Schuler was when Jason replaced a bathroom faucet a few years ago and because of his professionalism and awesome personality I continued to turn to Schuler for help. I have never been disappointed. As I said before when Schuler remodeled my shower…these people are fabulous!!”

We always love to hear kind words like this after a job well done! If you’re worried about frozen pipes this winter, read more about the issue here, or contact us with any questions you might have!

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