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Clogged Toilet in Allentown, PA | Schuler Service


Nothing brings things in your house to a screeching halt like a clogged toilet. Fixing this problem can be a messy and unpleasant experience, and sometimes it just can’t be done without some professional help. This happened to a customer of ours in Allentown, PA, who ended up with a major clog when a bar of soap was flushed down the toilet. Luckily, our technician Deron was on the job! He was able to remove the clog in record time, and left behind a very grateful customer!

“I woke up this morning to a blocked toilet,” they reported, “and called Schuler service, they made it easy to schedule an appointment and got someone out within the hour of calling. Deron gave me 2 prices for the job depending on the work involved and told me what would be involved. He was courteous and quick, completing the job in under 15 minutes.”

We’re glad that we were able to get this crucial piece of plumbing working again for our customer in Allentown. If you’re dealing with a similar problem, make sure to call the team at Schuler Service so that we can help you get things functioning properly again!

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