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Are You a Pet Owner with Plumbing Problems?


Pet Owners Plumbing Tips

Of all the plumbing problems a person can have, clogged drains and pipes can be some of the most frustrating and some of the most expensive to repair.

Easton, PA drain_cleaning_servicesIn many cases, the clogs are the result of taking care of four-legged furry family members. Whether the clog resulted from flushing litter down your Easton home toilet or giving the dog or cat a bath, the results can sometimes add up to large repair bills and plenty of inconvenience.

To make sure neither of these happen, here are some helpful suggestions to keep pipes and drains clean.

Cover Exposed Drains

If any part of a Easton home has pipes and drains that are exposed, dogs and cats will surely seek them out. When they do, problems almost always result. Dogs love to chew on things, so they will see the pipe as a chew toy.

Likewise, cats will see an open drain as a new place to explore, so off they go. As a result, the dogs will damage the pipes and the cats will get stuck in the drain, all leading to a plumber being called for repairs as well as search and rescue.

And to add to the pain, expect a large repair bill as well. By having the plumber install drain covers and making sure all pipes are covered, these problems can be avoided.

Beware When Bathing

While bathing the dog or cat should be a simple process, it can sometimes lead to plenty of plumbing problems. If a drain strainer is not used, hair and other debris can slip down the drain, creating clogs that can be difficult to clear out.

By using a drain strainer, especially one that is made to keep out pet hair, the next bath Fido or Fluffy has will be a much more pleasant experience.

It’s All Down the Toilet

When a pet owner scoops out the litter box and then flushes the so-called flushable litter down the toilet, little do they know they might as well be pouring concrete down their toilet.

Creating very hard clogs to fix, these are almost always expensive repairs. By putting all used litter in a trashcan, this can be easily avoided.

And to keep Fido from contributing to the clogging, keep them from drinking out of the toilet. If they do this, hair finds its way into the pipes, creating clogs that a plumber will need to fix.

Don’t let your fluffy pup clog up your drain! If you need drain cleaning in your Easton, PA home call Schuler Service at (610) 991-7098 today!

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