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6 Plumbing Tips to Help You Enjoy the Holidays Headache-Free


6 Plumbing Tips to Help You Enjoy the Holidays Headache-Free

The holiday season should be a time of relaxation and fun. Spending time with the family, enjoying home-cooked meals, watching the kids build a snowman outside. All these little moments are what makes the holidays special. Plumbing problems during the holidays can throw a serious wrench into your plans, causing damage to your home and requiring help from a professional.


Try the following plumbing tips to keep your plumbing systems working reliably so you can enjoy your holiday season this year:

Tip 1: Check for Leaky Faucets

check-your-faucetsHearing the drip, drip, dripping noise of a leaking faucet is not only annoying, but also a leaking or dripping faucet wastes a significant amount of water. Leaks often stem from deteriorating O-rings or washers. Make sure your faucet is flowing freely and there are no leaks or blockages in the faucet to keep it working smoothly during the holidays.

Tip 2: Mind the Temperature Inside Your Home

If you like to save money on heating costs by keeping the thermostat low during the holidays, consider this: cold temperatures in a cold house are more likely to cause the water in your pipes to freeze. When the water freezes, the ice expands, putting pressure on the pipe that may cause it to burst. We recommend keeping your home at 55 degrees or higher during the holidays to prevent burst pipe emergencies.

Tip 3: Test the Sump Pump

Increased precipitation in the winter could cause your sump pump to get overwhelmed and fail. Sump pumps that are also not used regularly are likely to seize and not work when you need them the most. To test your sump pump before the holidays, follow these simple steps:

  • Pour a bucket of water into the sump pump tank until it reaches the appropriate level.
  • If the pump doesn’t kick on, the tank is probably seized and should be repaired ASAP.
  • If the motor turns on right away, the sump pump is working.

Tip 4: Manage Outdoor Faucets

water-hose-shut-off-valve-1Your outdoor hose attachments need some attention too. Although you may have already removed the hoses as part of your fall to-do list, did you remember to close the shut-off valve to the outdoor attachments? By closing the shut-off valve, you’ll prevent leaks and burst pipes in the area.

Tip 5: Insulate Your Pipes

Did you know that one of the most common winter plumbing emergencies is burst pipes? These issues are especially frustrating because they are so easily preventable. We recommend using foam insulation on any exposed pipes in your home to make sure they are protected from cold air.

Tip 6: Help Your Water Heater With Insulation

Winter also makes things more difficult for your water heater. The water heater will require more energy to get up to temperature and stay warm. With a special water heater insulation sleeve, you can protect your water heater from cold air and improve its efficiency at the same time.

For more tips and tricks on how to make the most of your holiday season, call the experts at Schuler Service Inc. Homeowners in Allentown, PA call (610) 991-7098 when they need fast and efficient service.

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