Allentown Burst Pipe Repair Services

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If a pipe bursts in your home or business—particularly on the second floor—it’s an emergency. Contact us for emergency burst pipe repair services in Allentown and get the problem resolved as quickly as possible. Take a look at our client reviews to see what your neighbors are saying about our work.

Water lines are often installed behind walls and in the flooring of two-story homes and buildings, and a burst pipe can create major flooding. Even if the water can be turned off, the plumbing system is still inoperable until it is repaired. This is an urgent matter and requires prompt professional attention.

Burst pipe repair Services in Allentown, PA

Proactive Actions to Take Immediately Following a Burst Pipe

After immediately calling a professional technician, there are a couple things you should do before your technician arrives for the repair.

  • Turn off your water supply.
  • Make sure electrical appliances in the line of damage are unplugged. Avoid any appliances that are in standing water.

Once our technicians arrive, they will make the proper repairs determine the cause of the burst pipe. Finding the source of the rupture will allow us to enact preventive steps to avoid a recurrence.

Burst Pipe Repair Process

If you were unable to turn off your water system, our technicians will turn it off at the main. They will then drain the remaining water from the pipes and turn off the hot water heater. In the event electrical appliances have been exposed to water, we will also turn off the power at the main breaker. This should not be attempted by anyone other than a professional.

Our technicians will then repair or replace the pipe. New technologies are available that allow the original pipes to be repaired in a very short time.

In addition to repairing the burst pipe, we will also inspect the system to determine the life expectancy of your pipes. This will let you be proactive in preventing future emergencies by replacing old or deteriorated pipes in advance. Some older pipes made of lead should be replaced to avoid health risks. In some instances, pipes may also be preserved through cleaning to remove rust and corrosion. This not only extends the life of the pipes, but will also improve your water quality.

Why Do Pipes Burst?

There are a number of reasons that can cause burst pipes. Sometimes it depends on the type of piping material used in your home:

  • Polybutylene pipes are an inferior, thin-walled type of piping that react negatively to chlorine and heat, which weaken the material so that it breaks under pressure.
  • Copper pipes are vulnerable to freezing during the winter, which causes them to burst.
  • Galvanized pipes are prone to rust, increasing the possibility of bursting with age.
  • Other reasons for burst pipes are due to natural factors:
  • Tree roots can invade your pipes and cause damage.
  • Rodents have also been known to chew through some types of pipes.

The damage caused by a broken pipe may be extensive, leading to the deterioration of drywall, flooring, or support beams. Severe ceiling damage may also result from burst pipes on the second floor. If left undetected, water damage can also lead to mold and bacteria growth, putting your health at risk.

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