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House with tree roots may have roots in sewer system

Signs That Tree Roots Are Invading Your Sewer Line


Problems with your sewer line are seriously unpleasant to deal with, and even if you do everything right in terms of taking care of your system, you might still end up with a problem– not from buildup or user error, but from the plants in your yard. Tree roots and the roots of other hardy plants can grow through your sewer lines and cause you major issues: all they need is a small place to find purchase, and your entire system can start acting up. It can be difficult to tell what the cause of a problem in your sewer line is, but if you keep an eye out for these signs, you should be able to identify if roots in the lines are causing your problems.

Slow Drains

The first sign that anything is wrong with your sewer system is usually going to be that your drains and toilets are slow, clogged, or backing up. If you notice that things aren’t draining or flushing as quickly or easily as they used to, it’s an indicator that something somewhere in the system is wrong, especially if things start backing up into your sinks, showers, or appliances.


A properly functioning sewer system contains all of the nasty odors and keeps them from being released into your home or the surrounding area. If things inside your house or in the yard start to smell like sewage, you should suspect a problem in the system immediately. Never wait for a problem like sewage odors to sort itself out– you should always call the professionals right away to diagnose the problem before it gets any worse.

Soggy or Sunken Spots

When tree roots grow through your sewer lines, they not only slow the flow of materials through the line, but they cause it to leak out into the ground around them. This can create areas in your yard or lawn that are soggy and wet, or spots that are depressed or forming sinkholes. The dripping liquid undermines the turf and creates the moist, unsteady area, which is not only unsightly but dangerous as well to anyone walking around in your yard. It might not be the first thing your mind jumps to, but there’s a good chance that if you notice these areas, your sewage system is to blame.

Gurgling Sounds

Strange gurgling sounds coming from your drain or toilets is another sign that something is amiss. A properly functioning plumbing system should usually be fairly quiet, so any unusual noises that have started up indicate a problem. If you’re noticing noisy drains or toilets, it might be a sign of tree roots in your sewer lines!


Each of these plumbing symptoms on its own could be an indicator of several different issues, but if you start to notice a few of them occurring together, there’s a good chance that you have roots in your sewage system. This is a problem that you need the help of professionals to fix, so if you think you might be having a tree root issue, make sure you call Schuler Service today to get the help of our team of experienced plumbers!

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