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Is Your Toilet Clogged or Not Flushing?


Common Causes of Toilet Not Flushing Properly

Many homeowners get frustrated trying to figure out problems that lead to improper flushing of their toilets.

Some of these problems may seem simple, but if you are not sure, consult a qualified engineer to fix it for you. Here are some of these problems.

Easton, PA Toilet-Repair-Services Faulty Lift Chain

The lift chain connects the flapper to the flushing handle that you use on the outside of the toilet tank. You may experience flushing problems caused by the slackness of the lift chain.

A slackly fitting lift chain will not raise the flapper. Therefore, you will not be able to flush your toilet.

When you consult a qualified engineer, he or she will shorten the length of the chain so that it sufficiently raises the flapper from the flush tube to let water flow when you flush.

Bent Flapper

A good flapper will release water to wash down the content of your Easton toilet bowl when you flush and close the water inlet when water in the tank reaches the maximum level. However, if your flapper is faulty, you may experience either of these two problems.

The toilet tank will not fill, or water will never flow into the toilet bowl when you flush. If your toilet flapper is warped or bent, it is time to call an engineer to replace it.

Low Water Levels in the Tank

For the bowl contents to flush down the toilet, there must be enough water in the toilet tank. The ideal water level is just below the tank overflow tube. The faulty inlet valve may be causing the problem, or the water valve may have been turned off accidentally.

This could either slow the rate at which water enters the tank or block it completely. If a faulty inlet valve is your problem, then you need to engage the services of an engineer.

The best way to solve your Easton toilet problems is to engage the services of a qualified and experienced engineer. Competent engineers will not only fix your toilet problems but also give you tips on the best practices to help you avoid common causes of toilet problems.

Your Easton, PA home toilet issues can be a nuisance to the whole family. Call Schuler Service at (610) 434-7103 today, and let’s get your toilet back to its flushing state!

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