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What should I do before buying a home?


Reasons Why a Plumbing Inspection is Important for New Homeowners


Allentown PlumberWhen one is a new home buyer, it can be one of the most exciting times of their life. However when individuals are in the midst of dealing with paperwork, interest rates and various real estate agents it can be too easy to neglect one piece of critical protection. A plumbing inspection is a vital task to have completed as it can inform a home buyer if the home might need extensive plumbing repairs.

A plumber who is licensed can examine potential leaks for concealed and visible plumbing. If a leak exists and keeps an area saturated constantly, it can lead to mold growth and studs that nourish plumbing can deteriorate. Issues such as these can lead to repairs like mold removal costing you more money.

Before any new home is bought a plumbing inspection must be done to determine if the piping is improper. Such problems that can be located are piping that is incompetent, pipes that have deteriorated to the point that they no longer function and if the wrong pipes were used. There could also be shabby repairs that were made that were not done by a professional. If a repair was done by someone who does not have the experience or knowledge of the material they used or about building code requirements and other important issues, a repair might not last. Often a repair that was poorly done will require it to be redone.

When you think about all the fees involved and recommended inspections when it comes to a home purchase, a plumbing inspection will only make up a small portion of it. A plumbing inspection is strongly encouraged, particularly if considering an older home. If you simply hope that the plumbing is good in your possible new home, you could be in for some very expensive repairs in the future, the kind of repairs that will make you wonder why you wanted to be a homeowner in the first place. Being a homeowner has so many benefits and you don’t want something as simple as avoiding a plumbing inspection ruin the process for you.

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