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What are the benefits of having a garbage disposal?


Reasons To Get A Garbage Disposal Unit For Your Home

Garbage DisposalOne of the biggest problems in today’s world is getting rid of waste materials. This is especially true with things like food. People who have garbage disposals are accomplishing two things. One is getting rid of food that can easily be ground and the other is being kind to the environment. A garbage disposal is an automatic part of most modern sinks. If you are replacing your sink always look for one with this addition. It not only grinds up food but washes it away as well. If food is put in a garbage can, it rots and produces bacteria. This also happens at a landfill, causing a bad smell and attracting rodents.

The ground up food from a garbage disposal is washed down into the drainage system and goes out through the regular sewer system. If everyone had one of these, just think of the immense amount of garbage it would save from a landfill as well as reducing the odor that is caused by rotten vegetable waste.

There are certain things that should never be put in a garbage disposal. These include such items as potato rinds, cornhusks, shrimp peels, bones or anything else that does not grind up easily. These will cause the unit to become clogged and may require a plumber to clear it. Even when only correct foods are put in the disposal, there can be a build-up food and grease on the blades. This will not only cause a bad odor but can cause bacterial growth. To avoid this problem, cleaning can be done by putting a few cups of ice in the disposal, adding vinegar and then turning it on. When the ice is gone fill the sink half way with water and pull the plug. The sink water will draw down any scraps that are left in the disposal. One way to have a nice fresh smell in the kitchen is to grind up some citrus peels.

In addition to addressing environmental concerns, having a garbage disposal makes it easy to clean up as you cook.

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