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Tips For When Businesses Reopen


The summer heat and sunshine are here, and many people are ready to step outside and enjoy the soft, gentle breeze. Just in time, every county in the state of Pennsylvania is now entering either the yellow or green phase, allowing people to get out and enjoy outdoor dining, store openings, and of course gardening and home improvement stores. Whether you’re excited to support your favorite eatery or looking to tackle a home improvement project, Schuler Services has put together some tips to help keep you and your family safe!

Keep Your Distance

While everyone is excited to go out and visit their favorite restaurants and hangouts that have been closed, it’s important to keep your distance. Before you visit a local restaurant or business, find out how they’re implementing social distancing strategies. Some businesses are limiting the number of people they allow in at a time, and many restaurants are placing their outdoor seating and tables at least six feet apart from one another with reservations needed or recommended.

You can also stay safe while visiting your favorite store by planning your visit during their slower hours. If you search your favorite business on Google, oftentimes a graphic will appear showing you what times they are busiest and when they see the least amount of foot traffic. This tool can help you figure out the best time for you and your family to head out for the day.

Many of us shake hands or hug friends and family as a form of greeting. During this time Schuler Services has implemented giving our customers a thumbs up in place of a handshake. We recommend doing the same to greet friends and family during this time.

Cover Your Face

Governor Wolf has asked all Pennsylvanians to wear a mask while in public places. Many businesses are requiring customers to cover their face with a bandana or cloth mask when entering its store or moving from your designated outdoor table. This helps lower the risk of the masked person from spreading COVID-19 to other individuals.

Wash Your Hands

Schuler Services’ technicians not only carry sanitizer with them at all times, but they also sanitize their vehicle and all of their equipment before each appointment. We recommend keeping an extra hand sanitizer in your vehicle as well, so you always have it available to you, no matter where you are.

It’s also important to wash your hands often. If you’re at a restaurant, always wash your hands before eating and remember to keep your hands away from your face. Once you get home from your public outing, always wash your hands and sanitize any door knobs or countertops you may have touched before doing so.

Remember to Sanitize High-Touch Objects

Almost as important as washing your hands frequently, it is also recommended to regularly sanitize your cell phone. Objects that you repeatedly touch while you are out and about are just as likely to come in contact with the virus as your hands. Your steering wheel, front door knob, cell phone, and keys are all areas you regularly touch and should be frequently sanitized.

Need Help with the Remodel You Started?

With working from home or having time off of work and nowhere to go, many people tackled big home improvement projects. If you started a remodel project that you found was too much to do on your own or find yourself in need of a plumber, Schuler Kitchens & Baths and Schuler Services are here to help! All of our team members are remaining six feet away from you and your family members while working on the job, and they will be equipped with shoe coverings and gloves. We also thoroughly clean up after ourselves, so you don’t have to. Find out more about our sanitization process, and give us a call today at 484-276-8720 and schedule your appointment!

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