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Plumbers Recommended Technique Of How To Unclog A Sink

The Kitchen Sink Is Clogged

Easton, PA draincleaning_720A kitchen sink can be used on a daily basis, but it’s unlikely to be used as often as a bathroom sink. Bathroom sinks are often getting clogged, but a kitchen sink is also a big offender as well.

The kitchen sink can have a lot of things go through it, especially if it has a garbage disposal unit attached to it.

Those with a garbage disposal unit may have just as many problems with clogs as those without the unit. Those who have a sink with no garbage disposal unit may allow things to go down the drain, and instead of the garbage disposal crushing up the food, the items go down the drain whole, and this can end up causing clogs much quicker.

Even crushing the items that go into the garbage disposal unit can easily clog a sink, especially if certain foods are put down the unit.

Potato peels, pasta, cabbage, rice and more can all severely clog a drain attached to a garbage disposal unit, and then it takes a plumber to get rid of the clog, especially since the unit will have to be removed to remedy the problem.

What A Plumber Would Do

A plumber is able to disassemble a garbage disposal unit, and that’s the best way to get rid of a clog that’s in the kitchen sink. Although a person living in the Allentown home may try several things to unclog the sink, it’s unlikely to be affective, especially since a garbage disposal unit is attached.

It’s also very unlikely that a plunger would do anything to a sink with the garbage disposal unit on it. Calling a plumber out means that they’ll have to disassemble the garbage disposal to check for a clog.

If a clog isn’t readily seen in the P-trap of the drain, then it’s possible that the plumber will need to snake the drain, which can be done manually or with an electric snake. It’s very likely that the clog will disappear after these methods are tried by a plumber.

Get A Plumber To Do The Job

Although it may be different for other sinks and drains in the Allentown home, a sink that has an attached garbage disposal unit will likely need the attention of a plumber, especially since the garbage disposal unit will need to be disassembled to start getting rid of the clogged.

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