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Reasons to Keep Away From DIY Plumbing Projects


Allentown PlumberDo-it yourself plumbing projects can be bad news. They can be unsafe for inexperienced home repairmen to attempt with limited knowledge and skills. Following are reasons why DIY projects are bad news, leaving professional assistance from trained technicians to be the best alternative.

1. They Aren’t Safe
At first glance, a do-it yourself project may wrongly seem great. Can’t anybody learn how to do anything online? It may seem a lot cheaper. Changing a shower-head or replacing a faucet may okay, but more complex projects should be done by pros.

Are you thinking of extending hot water lines? You could be in big trouble. For example, if you want to work with hot water, you will need a blow torch, and such work can be dangerous without serious welding experience. You could end up quite wet and out a lot of money to correct any mistakes. Some things are best left to a professional.

Even fixing something that seems simple, like a toilet that won’t flush, can lead to big problems, if not fixed by an expert. Other problems which should be fixed by only an expert include sewer line problems, bathroom additions and the installation of a dishwasher, garbage disposal or water heater.

Allentown Plumbing2. No Warranty 
If you do a project yourself, you may not have the special tools you need, the right equipment, or enough people to do the job. If a professional does the job and something goes wrong, the work will be under warranty. If something you do goes wrong, you will be responsible for the expense when you have to pay a plumber to fix it.

3. Hiring an Expert Might be Cheaper
You might actually save money by hiring a professional. Of course if something goes wrong, and you have to pay a professional to do work that was done incorrectly, you will be out-of-pocket quite a bit of money, because the work wasn’t done under warranty. That is only part of the story, however.

Experts are also wholesale buyers and can get better pricing on the materials needed to do the job. They can also complete the job in a fraction of the time that you would. While you’re working on your project, how much would it cost to buy order food or bathe away from home? How much will the new tools you will need cost?

Some things are better left to professionals. Plumbing projects fall in this category.

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