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Should I use drain cleaning solutions to unclog my drain?


Should You Use Chemical Drain Cleaning Solutions?

It has happened in almost every home, the dreaded clogged drain. What should a homeowner do in this sort of situation? There are plenty of commercial strength chemical drain cleaning solutions out there that seem like easy and inexpensive solutions but caution should be taken before reaching for, or running out to buy one of these. There are many health and safety concerns with using these chemicals as well as the damage that they could potentially be causing to your pipes and fixtures.

The first and most important aspect that needs to be considered from using a drain cleaning solution, is the hazards that these chemicals are potentially exposing your family and pets to. Toxic fumes from these chemicals could harm the nasal passages and throat or irritate the eyes and skin. If these chemicals are mixed with other types of household chemicals and cleaners, even accidentally, they may also release very poisonous fumes. Also, if you tend to keep some on hand, it also increases the chances of a child or pet accidentally ingesting some.

Another drawback of turning to one of these chemicals is the damage they could cause to your pipes and fixtures. Sure they may clear the clog, but once the clog is gone they could continue to erode your pipes, damage the enamel on your fixtures and some types may leave behind chemical residue that, over time, can cause your pipes to clog. Wasn’t that the problem in the first place?

The impact that these solutions could have on the environment is also a major concern when considering using a chemical drain cleaner. These chemicals have the potential of making it into water supplies. The containers also will, most likely, end up in a landfill where they can negatively effect plants and animals.

The bottom line is that by calling a plumber a homeowner may save themselves a major costs in the long run. These cleaners may seem like an easy and inexpensive solution to a clogged drain but knowing what clogged the drain in the first place is the best and most inexpensive way to unclog your drains, which is exactly what a plumber can help you with.

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