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Should I hire a plumber to help me remodel?


Plumbing jobs That You Should Not Attempt On Your Own

Allentown PlumberAt one time or another a homeowner believes they know more about plumbing problems than a professional. Oh sure, the easy stuff is ready-made for a plumber wannabe, but the hard stuff; not so much. That said how many of you readers have attempted to stop your leaky kitchen faucet with no success, or dragging out the reliable plunger in an attempt to solve that smelly toilet that suddenly plugged up.

Look folks, if you want to install a dimmer switch or replace an antique ceiling fan with a new one, go ahead. But violate just one single code and you’re asking for trouble. Then there’s that annoying plumbing conundrum that pops-up on a monthly basis that a homeowner should never attempt to modify; the home’s water supply lines or hot-water heating system that are mostly made up of copper pipe and fittings that are usually soldered together with a propane torch. If you’re not familiar with such a “torch” you might easily start a fire and burn your house down or cause a flood.

Even a tiny plumbing leak can cause damage if you let it fester for a certain period of time. So what we’re saying here is tackling plumbing repairs or improvements concealed behind walls, ceilings and floors is best left to a professional with years of experience. The same goes with cutting down a tree that your Uncle Fred told you was the problem with your plumbing plugging-up situation. A chain saw can cut you as easily as the problem tree root, so forget it.

It seems that due to costs, more and more homeowners are suddenly wearing the DIY (do-it-yourself) hat. And it is not unusual to read about homeowners undertaking plumbing conundrums, as well. As mentioned earlier, leaky faucets are okay, but most plumbing projects are best handled by professionals. You know things like frozen or cracked pipes during winter months, and hot water problems that for sure, require an expert touch. Hot water plumbing jobs are complex and usually not for the novice plumber wannabe. Ergo, even if it’s minor, call a plumber.

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