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Save and Repurpose by Cutting Down on Your Water Usage


Five Easy Ways to Cut Water Usage

Reducing the amount of water that your household uses makes sense both environmentally and economically, and it doesn’t have to be difficult. Below are several simple ways to cut back on your family’s water consumption.

Easton, PA Water-Usage-ServicesSave and Repurpose

If you find yourself constantly running the tap until the water reaches the ideal temperature, keep a container nearby to collect that water instead of letting it go down the drain.

The water that is collected can then be used to refill a pet’s water bowl, mop the floor or water indoor or outdoor plants.

Choose Low-flow Fixtures

No one would recommend that a property owner rip out every plumbing fixture in his or her home just to replace them with low-flow fixtures. However, if you’re currently building an Allentown home or faced with a plumbing repair, it’s a great time to look at low-flow fixtures.

Modern faucets, toilets and shower heads offer water-saving features that weren’t available just a few years ago and that can often prevent thousands of gallons of water from being wasted every year.

Wash Responsibly

Although it may be convenient to run a small load of laundry through the washer every day, doing so will significantly increase a household’s water usage. Washing a few large loads once or twice a week means less water down the drain as well as less wear and tear on a major household appliance.

Stop Leaks

A faucet or shower head that drips occasionally may seem like no big deal, but those small drops really add up. Even worse are the invisible leaks that occur in the water lines leading into a home.

Hiring a plumber to repair a few dripping faucets or check out the condition of your Allentown home’s plumbing can translate to hundreds or even thousands of gallons of water savings over the course of a year.

Shower Like a Sailor

Pioneered by our military as a means of conserving clean water in out-of-the-way-locations, navy showers are another easy way to lower water usage.

This method of bathing involves running the shower just long enough to wet the skin and hair, soaping up while the water is off and then turning the water back on to rinse. A daily shower for just one person uses up to 50 gallons of water, but navy showers can reduce that amount to less than five.

Put savings in your pocket this month by cutting the water usage in your Allentown, PA home. Call Schuler Service Inc. today at (610) 991-7098, and see how much you can save this month.

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