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Plumber repairs and realigns pipes

A Plumbing Tune-Up in Whitehall, PA | Schuler Service


The plumbing in your house requires a bit of TLC from time to time in order to keep it running smoothly. Sometimes, this need for maintenance can build up a little bit, but a visit from a professional plumber like one of the team members of Schuler Service can straighten things right out! One of our customers in Whitehall, PA recently had a handful of small plumbing jobs that needed to be taken care of, and our technician Chuck was on the job.


This customer had a leaky oil broiler, a broken ice line, and some water pipes that really needed to be realigned. Despite a few small issues, Chuck was able to get through this to-do list in about five hours, leaving the plumbing in this customer’s home running much better than before! We were very happy to receive their pleased review.


“I have used Chuck from Schuler Service, Inc. before. Today he fixed a leaky oil boiler and realigned the water pipes to it so that it is easier to service. He also added a new line for the water in my refrigerator that was an accident waiting to happen. He explained everything and I had researched the prices for what he was going to do beforehand, and he was in line with those prices. I have had other plumbers that were looking for expensive jobs to do, as they completed fact finding missions in my house when I called them for service. Chuck did not do that. He asked what I wanted him to look at, gave me a price for what the job was going to be and then stuck by the price, even when we hit a couple of snags along the way. I am very grateful to Chuck and Schuler Service for the help they gave me today and will use them again in the future as well as recommend them to my friends and family.”

Do you have similar issues in your home that could use the attention of a professional plumber? Contact Schuler Service today! We’ll help to get you back on track.

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