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Leaking faucet fixed in Easton, PA

Leaks and Malfunctions Fixed in Easton, PA | Schuler Service


Issues in your plumbing that seem little at first glance can often build up into major annoyances in your life, especially when they start to stack up on each other. This happened recently to one of our customers in Easton, PA, who had a dripping faucet and a toilet handle that wouldn’t work at the same time. That’s enough to set anyone’s teeth on edge! Luckily, our technician Deron arrived to get things sorted out. Deron was able to fix both the toilet handle and the faucet in about three hours, and we were very pleased to receive such a positive review afterwards!


“Deron was very knowledgeable and took time to talk everything over with me. He was very efficient and courteous. I had a dripping sink that had to be replaced and a toilet handle that wasn’t working properly. The sink was replaced, and the handle works perfectly now. Will request him next time.”


Are you dealing with leaking faucets, misbehaving toilets, or other plumbing malfunctions? Schuler Service can help you today! Contact us to speak with a member of our team.

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