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Kitchen faucet fixture in newly renovated kitchen

Plumbing Fixtures in Bethlehem, PA | Schuler Service


Updating or renovating your home is an exciting time! Refreshing a major area of your house like your kitchen can breathe new life into the space and help it fit your style and your needs even better. At Schuler Service, we love taking part in this process for our customers, like one we recently had in Bethlehem, PA.


For this renovation, all of the plumbing fixtures like the faucets needed to be removed for a counter replacement and then changed out for new ones after the counter was in. Our technician Chuck was on hand to help with this! The job took about four hours in total.


“All kitchen plumbing fixtures needed to be disconnected (sink faucet, soap dispenser, garbage disposal, hot water dispenser and dishwasher) and moved for new counter installation and then reconnected with a new garbage disposal and some new miscellaneous plumbing fixtures two days later. We have had many issues living in a historic home. Old commodes needed to be refitted; a water line coming into the house needed to be refitted.

“Chuck Bell is the best. He takes his time and is a great problem solver. He is friendly, professional and provides excellent service. We have been faithful Schuler customers for more than 25 years and will continue to recommend them.”


There’s only one thing we love as much as receiving great reviews like this, and it’s continuing to provide top quality service to our customers! If you have a similar kitchen renovation coming up, let the team at Schuler Service help you through it!

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