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New Hot Water Heater in Macungie, PA


There’s nothing worse than the rude surprise of waking up in the morning to find that your hot water isn’t working. It’s enough to put a sour spin on your entire day going forward, and can cause you plenty of headaches if you aren’t able to fix it in a timely manner. Luckily for one of our recent customers in Macungie, PA, Schuler Service was on the job to replace their misbehaving water heater!

The customer noticed on a Sunday morning that there was no hot water in the house. We were fortunately able to get one of our technicians, Noah, out to assess the problem that very same day. He found that their gas, power vent water heater needed to be replaced, and was able to do so, bringing the water heater up to code with the proper installation. 

“Excellent experience!” stated this customer in their review. “Called Schuler Service Sunday morning [when] it was noticed there was no hot water. Got [a] prompt reply… A few hours later Noah assessed the situation and went to the shop, ordered the parts, the hot water heater, [and] installed it all by himself and [a] couple of hours later we had hot water. He was very charming, engaging, and polite and obviously extremely proficient and well trained. Cannot say enough good things about your company, it’s Service or Noah!”

At Schuler Service, we’re always happy to provide speedy and professional service to help our customers get their plumbing back on track! If you’re also dealing with issues with your hot water heater, Schuler can help you out today!

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